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Sunstreams - Internet Consulting Firm


Internet Consulting and Marketing Strategy

The Sunstreams Group is an internet consulting firm and research organization dedicated to providing web site promotion strategy and internet marketing services to webmasters and artists. 

Internet consulting and web hosting is free of charge for artists and musicians who wish to promote their web sites on the internet provided they are strictly non-profit websites. Our goal is to bring more creativity online and help artists throughout the web community  generate web site traffic and gain recognition at an international level.

For advertising agencies and search engine positioning services we offer a host of webmaster tools and resources to help promote clients on the web. We welcome new partnerships and invite search engine optimization firms and internet marketing consultants to join us in reaching out to artists and building a better web community.

How to use this web site:

Search Engines - for information on search engines and search engine optimization techniques.  We look at which search engines generate the most traffic and who powers who.  Take advantage of our search engine page to quickly check results in major search engines.

Marketing - for the latest research on internet marketing strategy and web site promotion techniques.  We also look at other ways of driving traffic to your web site that most marketing firms overlook, like what keywords to choose and how to find them.

Webmaster - for webmaster tools to make web site promotion a whole lot easier!  We provide links to other resources on the web.  A good understanding of how to use all the various webmaster tools on the net will help you get your site looking good and easy to find.

Consulting - for personalized internet consulting strategies and information.  We offer free consulting to artists and non-profit organizations. Start by finding the right domain name for your web site and let us help you with our personalized promotion tips and marketing strategies.

Services - for both webmasters and professionals as well as simple homepage owners.  We offer free web hosting for artists who are seeking to offer their music without commercial gain, and non-profit organizations as well as bulletin boards, guestbooks etc.  Have a look at some of the services we offer and let us help you build a better web site which people will find.

Web Sites - for a quick reference to some key internet resources and web sites dealing with search engine positioning and internet marketing.  Check out these sites which have lots of good information and tips and take advantage of the webmaster tools on the internet.

Web Design - for some general guidelines to follow to make your web site attractive and search engine friendly at the same time.  Good navigation is the key to successful web site promotion.

Web Hosting - for webmasters and artists (strictly non-profit) who need a space of their own and are interested in building an 'artistic community' on the web.  Contact us if you need to get your web site up and running fast, or simply for some consulting advice on where to look for good hosting.

Web Partners - for references to some of our consultants who offer their services online in collaboration with Sunstreams.  Our partners share the same interest as we do and contribute their professional skills and services in the interest of reaching out to the young and creative minded.


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